Bond Information

When a person is arrested and processed into the Detention Facility, there is normally a bond set that must be posted prior to them being released. The amount of the bond is determined by the charges that have been filed against the inmate. The judicial system has set bond amounts for a variety of charges. The booking deputy will advise the arrestee of the total amount of the bond based on the court guidelines during the booking process.

In the event that the person is arrested for a court warrant, the issuing court has pre-set a bond amount. Some bonds may require a fine be paid or "cash only", these require a cash payment for the bond - no bondsmen. In some cases, the court may order a "no bond hold" which does not permit the inmate to bond on this warrant. The Detention Facility will notify the court that issued the bond of the inmate's arrest.

If the inmate has charges filed in addition to a warrant arrest, there will be more than one bond that must be posted prior to release.

The purpose of the bond is to assure appearance in court. The amount of the bond is what it will take to release you from jail.

Please call the jail at 970-522-2578 option 4 to find out the bond amount and type of bond required for a particular individual.